We have a fully functional pool for you to use with a certified Lifeguard

The pool at Camp Sky Meadows is open Memorial Day through Labor Day. Other dates may be available; see the Camp Manager. The renter must provide lifeguard services as noted below.

The San Bernardino County Organized Camp Booklet states the County regulations are as follow:

On page 15 (labeled page and not document page) of the attached document under 30741. Lake, Stream, River or Ocean Swimming section (d) states:

Lifeguard services equivalent to those defined in Section 116028, Health and Safety Code, shall be provided at any location used for swimming by campers.

There shall be a designate aquatics supervisor who is at least 18 years of age and who shall possess an American Red Cross Lifeguard Certificate, YMCA Swim Lifesaving Certificate or its equivalent certificate.

Lifeguard service shall be provided at a ratio of 1 lifeguard for each 25 campers in the water.

Note: Authority cited: Sections 18897.2, 131050, and 131200, Health and Safety Code. Reference: Sections 18897.2, 131051, and 131052, Health and Safety Code.

Prior to the use of the pool, a copy of both the front and back of each lifeguard’s current certification card needs to be on file with the Camp Manager.

Other rules regarding pool use will be worked out with the lifeguard in consultation with the Camp Manager.