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We want everyone to have a Safe, Fun and Enjoyable experience!  So, please observe the following Rules and Guidelines:

  1. SUPERVISION:  Adults must supervise children in the buildings at all times. Beds and mattresses are not to be moved from room to room or outside. Use caution when climbing into bunks.
  2. HEATERS:  Adjust thermostats with care. If for some reason the heaters are not working, please contact the Camp Manager.  Staff will adjust or light cabin heaters when needed.  Clothes and bedding should be placed at a safe distance from heaters and fireplaces.  Never hang or drape anything over heaters or fireplaces.
  3. EMERGENCY EXITS:  Doors and windows must be accessible as exits at all times. Do not block them.
  4. FOOD:  We are in a forest environment. There are rodents (mice and squirrels) that are attracted to human's food, plus we are also in bear country!  So, no food is allowed in Cabins or Whispering Pines Lodge. Forest Service regulations also state that no food can be kept in your cars. 
  5. NO PETS:  Do not bring any animals to camp with the exception of service dogs. Proper documentation will be necessary.  Anyone bringing an animal, other than a service animal, will be asked to leave.
  6. PRIVATE SPACE:  The camp garage, manager’s house and yard, and the camp staff house are “off limits” to all campers.
  7. QUIET HOURS:  Quiet hours are from 11:00 PM to 7:30 AM   No excessive noise, live or recorded music is allowed outside during this time.
  8. VEHICLES:  The maximum speed limit within the camp is 5 miles per hour.  Vehicles should not be used unless necessary.  Cars should be parked in designated parking areas only. Again, no food in cars as bears can roam here.
  9. CLIMBING:  Climbing in trees or on fence railings is prohibited.
  10. NO ALCOHOL:  Alcoholic beverages and non-prescription narcotics are strictly prohibited everywhere on the campsite.  Religious ceremonial use may be exempted if approved by the Camp Manager.

Additional camp guidelines:

  • BEDDING:  Campers need to provide their own bedding, i.e. sleeping bags or sheets with blankets, and toiletries, towels, flashlight, etc.
  • WATER:  Due to the high altitude, campers can easily become dehydrated, so you need to drink lots of water. Renters may want to  consider providing bottled water for their campers.  Water is scarce at camp. Please conserve!
  • HELP US REDUCE COSTS:  The heaters are designed to heat the inside of cabins and lodges.  Please keep doors and windows closed when heaters are being used.  Electricity is expensive. Please avoid excessive use of lights.  Lights should be turned off at a reasonable hour and when leaving rooms.
  • TAPE:  Please do not use any tape on the walls except painter’s removable blue tape.
  • LITTER:  Please do not litter the grounds with trash, paper or other material.
  • SPORTS:  Recreation equipment (basketballs, volleyballs, etc.) is available for use. The renter is responsible for lost or damaged equipment.
  • FOOT SAFETY:  Campers are encouraged to wear covered shoes at all times except when in the fenced in pool area.
  • LOST AND FOUND:  Found items should be turned into the Camp Manager. Camp Sky Meadows is not responsible for lost or stolen items.