Costs and Deposits

You can request use of the camp at three attendance levels: 

  • WHOLE CAMP = All 7 buildings:  Case Lodge, Whispering Pines, Manzanita Lodge and the four cabins.  For a minimum of 55 to a maximum of 130 campers. 
  • UPPER CAMP = 6 buildings:  Case Lodge, Whispering Pines, and the four cabins (Note that Manzanita Lodge is not included).  This is for 40 to a maximum of 102 campers.)
  • MANZANITA Lodge  = 1 self-contained building in the lower camp.  This works for a group of 15 to 28 people.)

costs per camper


Download the 2018 "Daily" Rate Sheet PDF to share our rates with others.

CAMPING daily rate: 

The camp is available at three categories depending on the size of your group.

  • WHOLE CAMP has capacity for 130 people with 55 minimum.
  • UPPER CAMP (Case Lodge, Whispering Pines, and the four cabins) has capacity for 102 with 40 minimum.
  • MANZANITA Lodge (in lower camp) sleeps 28 with 15 minimum.

The daily rate is $33 per person for the minimum number of people in each category, then drops to $23 for each additional person, beyond the minimum required for each tier, as seen in this chart: 

Daily rate at 3 categories.png
  • Children (ages 4 & under)     No Charge
  • Two night minimum stay for all camp reservations.

Day Use: 

  • Day Use Charge:   $16.25 each

Pool Use: 

  • The use of the pool is $100.00 per day
  • Groups must provide their own Certified Lifeguards at a ratio of 1/25 (one Lifeguard per 25 persons in the water at a time), and proof of certification required. Or $25.00 per hour for camp provided Life Guards.



Effective 2018, the following deposit is required to reserve Camp Sky Meadows for each of the three levels of usage:

  • Whole Camp - $850 (55 minimum to 130 campers max)
  • Upper Camp - $550 (Min. 40, max 102 campers)
  • Manzanita Lodge - $250  (Min. 15, max 28 campers)



  • Groups canceling their reservation four or more months prior to the reservation date will receive a full refund of their deposit.

  • Groups canceling their reservation with less than four months’ notice, but more than two months’ notice will forfeit 50% of their deposit.

  • Groups canceling with a two-month or less notice will forfeit all of their deposit.

  • If a camp is canceled due to closed roads or unforeseen camp closure, all deposits will be refund.