OCTOBER 26, 27 & 28

Sparking A Climate Revolution!

Together we can make a difference and spark a climate revolution!

Join churches throughout Southern California for a three-day workshop (Friday evening, Oct 26, to Sunday afternoon, Oct. 28) surrounded by the beauty of creation, developing relationships and support networks that will stretch our understanding of what is possible and bring hope to our community through Christian action and witness.


The three buttons below will allow you a) download the brochure for sharing, b) read biographical information for all speakers at the event, and/or c) pre-register.  After you pre-register, you will be given additional information on how to pay for event, so you can pre-register early without penalty AND gain timely information on payment deadlines. 

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Registration is available to 80 individuals and up to about 10 families.  Pre-registration will temporarily hold your spot for a period of time, while you process your payment. 

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If you have any questions or comments about this event, please call Rev. Deb Shepherd-Webster at her church phone number 626-796-0157 or use the form below to email directly to Deb.  This form will not register you for the the event, but is only used to answer questions via email reply. 

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