Costs and Deposits

You can request use of the camp at three attendance levels: 

  • WHOLE CAMP = All 7 buildings: Case Lodge, Whispering Pines, Manzanita Lodge and the four cabins. Maximum capacity: 130 campers.

  • UPPER CAMP = 6 buildings: Case Lodge, Whispering Pines, and the four cabins (Note that Manzanita Lodge is not included). Maximum capacity: 102 campers.

  • MANZANITA Lodge = 1 self-contained building in the lower camp. This works for a group of up to 28 people.

costs per camper


Download the 2019 "Daily" Rate Sheet PDF to share our rates with others.

Summertime CAMPING daily rate: 

During the Summer season, the camp daily rate is $36 per night, per person up to the numbers of people shown in the chart below. The cost then drops to $26 for each additional person:

Summertime Camp Rates

Summertime Camp Rates

Off-Season Camp Rates

Off-Season Camp Rates

  • Children (ages 4 & under) No Charge

Day Use: 

  • Day Use Charge: $19.00 each

Pool Use: 

  • The use of the pool is $100.00 per day

  • Groups must provide their own Certified Lifeguards at a ratio of 1/25 (one Lifeguard per 25 persons in the water at a time), and proof of certification required. Or $25.00 per hour for camp provided Life Guards.



Effective for the 2019 SUMMERTIME Camps, the following deposit is required to reserve Camp Sky Meadows for each of the three levels of usage:

  • Whole Camp - $850

  • Upper Camp - $550

  • Manzanita Lodge - $250

    For 2019 OFF-SEASON Camps, the deposit is 50% of the cost for the expected group size.



  • Groups canceling their reservation four or more months prior to the reservation date will receive a full refund of their deposit.

  • Groups canceling their reservation with less than four months’ notice, but more than two months’ notice will forfeit 50% of their deposit.

  • Groups canceling with a two-month or less notice will forfeit all of their deposit.

  • If a camp is canceled due to closed roads or unforeseen camp closure, all deposits will be refund.