certified food handling



The fully equipped kitchen includes utensils and dishware, cookware, a 12-burner stove, 2 ovens, a griddle, large convection oven, large refrigerator, plus a walk-in refrigerator, 1 freezer, a microwave, an automatic dishwasher/sterilizer, and an ice machine.  Groups may use the kitchen facilities to do their own cooking with proper certification and food handling practices. (See information below)

This lodge met all our needs with a great kitchen and dining tables.
— Pastor Tom

Group leaders should review the information on the San Bernardino County Organized Camp Food Handling Information website, which includes these important County rules: 

  • Organizations that operate at camps for 2 weeks (14 days) or less and provide their own kitchen staff are eligible to take the ‘Camps Food Worker Class’ online to obtain their food worker certification.
  • Organizations that operate at camps longer than 2 weeks must have their food worker staff obtain the San Bernardino County Certified Food Worker card.
  • All persons handling food must wear gloves and hairnets available from Camp Sky Meadows.

The persons preparing the meals need to obtain a food handling certificate by going on the San Bernardino County Organized Camp Food Handling Information website and follow the these steps:

  1. Go to "Organized Camp Food Safety Training"
  2. Click on "Food handler & Manager Certifications"   
  3. Click on "Organized Camps Food Safety Training Course"
  4. Click on "Organized Camps"
  5. Select your language
  6. Click "Proceed to cart"
  7. Fill-in your information, take your Class & Test, print out Certificate!