Directions from I-10 Freeway near Redlands

From Los Angeles (I-10 Eastbound)

  • exit at University Street, and turn left (north)
  • Turn right onto Lugonia (Hwy 38)

From Phoenix (I-10 Westbound)

  • exit at Cypress Avenue
  • turn left onto E. Citrus Ave.;
  • take an immediate right onto University Street (one block);
  • Turn right onto Lugonia (Hwy 38)

Common Directions once on Hwy 38

  • Follow Lugonia several miles through the city of Mentone.  Stay on Hwy 38.  You have about 30 minutes more of travel to do on this highway. 
  • At Mill Creek Ranger Station, set your odometer here! (You will now go 17.5 miles farther on Hwy 38, until you eventually turn off at Glass Road);   
  • Continue on Hwy 38, and about 6 miles farther, the highway bends sharply to the left and continues uphill (do not take the Forest Home turn off);
  • Pass through Angelus Oaks:  The uphill will continue for five more miles and you will go through the the town of Angelus Oaks on Hwy 38.  You will now go another 6.5 miles past Angelus Oaks until you get to your turnoff onto Glass Road.  
  • Turn left onto Glass Road (this road is 6.5 miles after Angelus Oaks, and is 17.5 miles on your odometer that you set above at the Mill Creek Ranger Station)
    • (Note in case you are lost:  Glass Road is at the official 26.5-mile-road-marker of Hwy 38.  If you get to the Barton Flats Visitors Center you have gone a little bit too far.)
  • Go downhill on Glass Road for 2.3 miles.
  • Turn right at the junction of River Road where there is a group of mailboxes.
  • Turn left onto Radford Camp Road
  • Go over the bridge and continue on about 1 mile
  • Turn right into Camp Sky Meadows
Map to Sky Meadows.png