To expedite your application, you can download these PDF files and begin filling them out.  These are the same forms that will be sent to you when you request a reservation. Before sending in these forms, you must first check with the registration specialist to see if the dates you request are available, and that is best done using the "On-Line Request Form". 

Reservation Application

Hold Harmless Agreement

"Daily" Rate Sheet PDF and Deposit Costs

These forms must be completed and signed within three weeks after your first communication with the registration specialist in order to book the camp.  In addition to these forms, you will also be asked to submit a Certificate of Liability Insurance. 

Request process


As stated on our page entitled "On-Line Request Form", the process to request and book a date to use our camp has 3 steps: 

  1. Contact the registration specialist to request a date for your event - Click here to fill out the on-line form request;

  2. When a reservation request is received, then within two working days, the church office will send back to you the forms you see linked above:

  3. Your reservation date(s) are held for three (3) weeks awaiting the return of:

    • The two forms above, and,

    • Certificate of Liability Insurance, and,

    • Deposit (including cleaning deposit) - you can see the deposit costs on the Daily Rates document.